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12 Tailgating Hacks

Party Like A Champ

Look Like a Tailgating Veteran

Even if this is your first pre-game party!

1. Pack a cooler like a pro.

Use frozen water bottles in place of ice...then you'll have cold water to drink when they melt!


2. Show up 2-3 hours early.

Beat the Traffic and get the best spot, while you and your friends enjoy the morning preparing for gameday!


3. Tie helium balloons to your car/tent so friends can find you.

Use any colors except the away team's colors!

No one wants a big cleanup as you head into the stadium, and you certainly don't want that when you leave. This will save you precious time.


Festive, easy and oh so tasty. This is how you do it.


We've all (hopefully) become more accustomed to the necessity of handwashing. Keep it going at the party!


11. Bring a big plastic tub for dirty dishes.

Tote clean dishes in the tub, then line it with a garbage bag before you pack in the dirty dishes to wash at home.

Because a clean party space is a happy party space...especially for the host.


Bonus: Color Formulas for Team-Colored Frosting!

Team Colored Frosting Formulas