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Game Day Recipes

Hosting friends for game day?

We've got you covered with everything from easy snacks to bonafide Seattle-born favorites...

So quick and delectable, you can skip the freezer aisle and go fresh instead! Click here for the recipe.

Just the right mix of sweet and salty, this perfect treat is also a breeze to make. Click here to learn how.


Coffee and cocoa powder? This is chili done Seattle-style, baby! Here's the skinny.

A carry-over from the 1990s grunge era, cream cheese and sauteed onions define these wholly Seattle creations. Here's how to make your own at home.


Need we say more? Click here and let the magic begin.

A Seattle legend and oh so good for those rainy day games. Dive in!


Root beer is the secret to this culinary gem. Yummy in a sandwich, or eat it right out of the crock pot all by itself...we won't tell. Here is the scoop on how to make it.

Fun, festive and easier then they look. This is how you do it.


Surprisingly simple and delicious, this dip is also healthier than most. Grab some chips and check out the recipe.

For Seattleites who remember the joy of Paseo sandwiches--or anyone who just loves good food--this recipe is well worth the extra effort.


For those looking to go the extra mile, these tasty appetizers will be the talk of your party. Find the full rundown here.

The quintessential Seahawks cocktail created by Elliott's Oyster House. Now you can mix it at home and impress your friends.


Bonus: Color Formulas for Team-Colored Frosting!

Team Colored Frosting Formulas